Two different ways of goal setting for 2018


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Goal setting in Crossfit – When I was first confronted with this topic, I was about 8 months into training I believe (I can’t say for sure). I started with Crossfit or actually with regular training in general in April 2015 and the box that I was training at back then – UnScared CrossFit – hosted “Goal Setting Nights”, so I believe it was in December 2015 or January 2016. The coaches asked me to write down 5 goals that I want to achieve within the next couple of months, half a year or year of 2016. I wrote the following:

1. One strict Ring Muscle Up
2. Bar Muscle Up
3. 20 Kipping Pull Ups
4. 60kg Snatch
5. 70kg clean (I first wrote 120kg back squat but my coach told me it’s more important to work on my clean since I already had a 100kg back squat at that time)

I didn’t have to look at the sheet of paper again since I always keep my goals in my mind. I can also always remember my workout times of hero or benchmark workouts and all my PRs in different lifts. It’s just something I never forget because I have the constant drive to beat my personal records and better myself. To me, it’s just fun to write down goals and to work for them. It does help me to write it down once to make it official, though. And it actually did help me to reach all these goals in 2016. So thank you UnScared CrossFit for sitting down with me and help me define goals that made the most sense.

In 2017 I used the same style:

1. 4 unbroken Ring Muscle Ups
2. 6 unbroken Bar Muscle Ups
3. Fran with Butterfly Pull Ups
4. Sub 4 Diane
5. 85kg Jerk

So now I want to tell you why I chose these goals since it might help you to define your own. I think when it comes to muscle ups it’s quite self-explaining. If you want to be a competitive athlete, you just need to be able to do consecutive muscle ups.

The same actually goes for my 3rd goal: Being able to do Fran with butterfly pull-ups. I started to practice butterfly pull-ups in 2016. However, I did them anything but regularly. So I can’t even say, I really worked for them. So in 2017 I finally wanted to make a change and I did. A couple of weeks ago I did Fran in 4:09 min with butterfly pull-ups.

The 5th goal I wrote down after seeing a girl manage an 80kg clean and jerk. I thought: “Hey, I want to be able to do that as well.”. But at that time, my front split jerk was like 70kg … and I also realized then that I had barely ever done heavy jerks, so obviously, it can’t surprise me that someone that puts more work into it, also received a better result. Putting more work into it in 2017 did pay off big time. Just yesterday I hit a 90kg front split jerk which is mindblowing to me. I did do a 90kg overhead squat a couple of weeks ago but I considered heavy jerks a bit of a weak movement of mine. And it probably was. So I guess I can make use of the hashtags #hardworkpaysoff and #weaknessintostrength here.

Last but not least, the reason why I put a sub 4 Diane (21-15-9 repetitions of deadlifts at 70kg and handstand push-ups) on my list is my score of my first time doing the workout “Diane” Rx (as prescribed). It was 7:15 min which is not really fast. So a couple of weeks ago, 10 minutes after scoring that 4:09 min Fran, I did Diane in 4:53 min. And I was super happy about it and even though I didn’t reach my sub 4 time, I considered it as good enough for 2017. Especially considering I was able to do this after Fran. It felt like a win.


Setting goals like CrossFit Coach Ben Bergeron

So this was one way of setting goals. You can put numbers on it or decide which competitions you want to qualify for. But this also keeps a little danger for your motivation. If you are not progressing as fast as you like to, it can be crushing to see those goals run away from you in that year. So you can have my attitude and just consider ANY progress you made towards that goal as a win, then it’s not bad for you at all. But if you can’t see the positive in getting a sub 5 Diane instead of a sub 4, then you might want to go for the “Ben Bergeron” way of setting goals.

I regularly listen to Ben Bergeron’s podcast “Chasing excellence” where he also spoke about setting goals. I will shortly introduce to you here but I recommend listening to it yourself if you think this is the better technique for you.

He believes in setting goals that will actually help you to get to your goals. So what I mean is that instead of saying “I want to be able to do 4 consecutive ring muscle ups”, he says you should write down a goal (so a regularly action) that is going to help you to achieve the progress that you are hoping for. In this example, it could be “I want to do a 10 min EMOM with 1 ring muscle up a minute every week”. This way you can easily reach your goal every week and it won’t crush you at the end of the year when you’re realizing that you can do only 3 instead 4 muscle ups.

I like both ways super much and are currently putting it to use for my new goals. I’m already super excited for the next season and can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do by end of 2018.

If you want to be kept posted about my goals for 2018 and my progress and tips I’ve got for you, then look me up on Instagram @taminaschuster. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.



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