Workout clothes in Fall / Winter 2016: Sport-Bra, Leggings, Yogatops, Bodies, …


As some of you know I moved back from the Netherlands to Hamburg. And with the move I of course also had to look for a new CrossFit box in Hamburg which I did immediately. Which box I chose, you can find via my CrossFit Instagram profile @taminaschuster. There I regularly post videos of my workouts. For all my fashion lovers I of course still have my profile @taminajay which is also my priority.

With the whole change I’m all stereotype and feel like I need a new workout outfit as well. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite items of the upcoming season with you starting with my picks at H&M. I actually don’t really buy stuff there anymore but I do like their gym gear since it’s so trendy.


Kapuzenshirt | Seamless Yogatop | Sport-BH | Seamless SporttightsKurzes Yogashirt

I’ve also checked out Zalando and suddenly remembered that I’ve been planning on purchasing something from IVY PARK. Funny how fast you forget about all these purchasing plans as soon as your eye catches something new …

Besides the high quality I simply adore those sexy and modern designs. I love the colors they use and the partly special cuts.


Tanktop | 2-in-1-Top | Blaues Top | Leggings | Body


  • Reply September 27, 2016


    Hast du eine tolle Figur, ich bin ganz neidisch auf deinen Bauch 🙂 Und super schöne Sportklamotten!

    Alles Liebe,

  • Reply November 15, 2017


    Dein Nachbar aus alten Ahrensmoorer Zeiten ist ganz beeindruckt! Respekt, meine Liebe. Ich hoffe wir sehen uns in diesem Leben noch einmal 😉

    LG D.B.

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