REVIEW | CrossFit Reebok Speed TR 2.0 vs. Nano 7


When you walk on the floor of a CrossFit box for the first time, you are probably wearing simple gym shoes. Gym shoes with lots of air in the sole of the shoe, so they are extra comfy. However, as soon as you have taken part in your first CrossFit class and also risked an attempt on back squats, you propably very soon came to the realisation that those comfy shoes are not quite to your advantage in this sport of fitness. You lose balance in those thick soles and therefore have trouble performing all exercises without stumbling. And suddenly you discover that you are one of the very few in the gym that hasn’t got CrossFit shoes. Obviously it’s not necessary to buy expensive new shoes, before you know that you are going to stick with CrossFit. But once you’ve found your passion or joy for this sport, I recommend you to do this minor investment. It’ll be worth it.

But which shoes to buy? I’ve got weightlifting shoes for heavy weightlifting such as squats, cleans, snatches etc. and I’ve got several CrossFit shoes such as Nanos and Speed TRs that are made for all kind of challenges (weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, …). After having been able to test quite some shoes, I came to the conclusion that the new Speed TRs 2.0 are my current favorites.

Testing Speed TR 2.0 vs Nano 7

I’ve already had the older version of Speed TR 2.0 and I was pretty happy with it. Afterwards I received the Nano 7 which I actually found quite good. Since the sole of the shoe is really flat and hard, I feel stable in them when I do some weightlifting. Unfortunately, that’s also to it disadvantage. When I’m running it it, it feels rather uncomfortable. It’s not a big deal but it’s also not ideal. However, if you then get to test another CrossFit shoe such as the Speed TR 2.0, you tend to choose that one since they are way nicer for running. But not only that. My biggest issue with the Nano 7 were rope climbs since you simply slip through the rope as if you wore weightlifting shoes. That makes the exercise inefficient since you need to put more strength in each rep. The Speed TR 2.0 however has got a grippy part on the inside of the sole where you want to catch the rope. Another advantage of the Speed TR 2.0 is the thin application on the heels for handstand push ups. That not only protects the fabric of the shoe but also helps your feet slide over the wall.


Weightlifting with Speed TR 2.0

Of course I realised a big difference between the Speed TR 2.0 and special weightlifting shoes. However, in workouts I do feel stable enough to complete a workout that also includes some weightlifting without suffer a loss of my score. Workouts that only include weightlifting, I choose to wear my weightlifting shoes anyway.

Shoe size in the Speed TR 2.0 and Nano 7

Last but not least I also want to add something about the shoe size. That’s something I always google myself, before ordering new CrossFit shoes. I usually have size 39. In the Nano 7 and Speed TR 2.0 I’ve got a 38.5 (USA 8, UK 5.5). The Nano 7 are pretty narrow. So if you’ve got rather broad feet, I recommend to order your normal shoe size and not smaller as usual with Reebok shoes.


Einmal Hamburger, immer Hamburger :-) Auch wenn ich immer mal wieder für eine Weile im Ausland verschwinde, führt mein Herz mich doch immer wieder zurück in meine deutsche HafenCity. Von hier aus blogge ich über Mode, das Leben und CrossFit.


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    Love, thanks for your share

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    Hallo, ich bin der Meinung, dass aktive Personen die richtigen Sportschuhe tragen sollten. Ich jogge seit zwei Jahren. Bis heute habe ich schon Reebok und Nike Laufschuhe getestet 🙂 Normalerweise habe ich die Schuhgröße 40. Nike Schuhe muss sich aber immer grösser bestellen (40,5).
    LG, Anne

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