New year, same me but even greater plans


New year, new me … that’s actually a bit of bullsh to me. I find it ridiculous to tell yourself that you only need to change something or develop yourself because it’s the beginning of a new year. You can always tell yourself to start over or work on yourself every single day. I believe that life events shape you to the person that you are today and not any resolutions. So it should actually be:

New year, same me, but even greater plans

Plans like traveling to certain places or finally doing a competition in the sports you love. I for instance love to set new CrossFit goals or plan new trips. I want to visit places this year that make me feel free and places where I can discover anything new.

I’ve already planned a trip to Budapest in order to visit Sziget Festival, my absolute favorite place. I don’t think there is any place that makes me feel as free as that one. I’ve been there 4 times so far and I can’t wait for my 5th time. Walking over that island on the Danube with shorts in used-look, a top in boho-style as well as a colorful flower crown while feeling the warmth of the sun in my skin and inhaling that unique atmosphere.

I don’t want it to stop there though. There are still so many places I want to discover. Last year I booked my holidays in a resort in Turkey, since I really badly once wanted to experience really lazy holidays. It wasn’t stressful at all, since I could book a package including stay, flight and airport transfer. Agencies like Jahnreisen (in Germany) offer packages like these for instance. But not only that, you can also just book a city trip for a couple of days which I really want. So besides my trip to the festival in Budapest, I also want to see some cities such as London, Paris and Rome. It’s about time! How about you?


In collaboration with Jahnreisen. This post matches a 100% my personal opinion.


Einmal Hamburger, immer Hamburger :-) Auch wenn ich immer mal wieder für eine Weile im Ausland verschwinde, führt mein Herz mich doch immer wieder zurück in meine deutsche HafenCity. Von hier aus blogge ich über Mode, das Leben und CrossFit.

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