My new CrossFit programming with and by coach Vivi Kutter

Today I want to tell you about my upcoming CrossFit Season 2018, why I choose a new programming and to work more closely with a new coach.

There is this stupid saying ‘New Year, New me’. I’m not a new me this year but definitely a more happy and at the same time fierce one. I slowly go back to knowing where I want to go and enjoying the path to it. I moved to a new city (from Hamburg to Dusseldorf, Germany), started a new full-time job as a Social Media Manager for Maybelline New York and I began to work closely with coach Vivi Kutter.

Team SnP: Success Needs Performance

A month into training with Vivi and my new job and city, I couldn’t be happier with my decisions. I work full-time and making a career. At the same time I also want to grow as a CrossFit athlete, so I can’t afford to ‘just train something’. Every session needs to feel like a step forward and I want a programming that is good for me and not for a breite Masse.

For the first time in my almost 3 years of training, I actually got what I wanted. A coach who writes a programming that perfectly fits my strength and weaknesses in order to get the most out of me and 1-1 sessions with really good tips to be more efficient with the movements.


Never skip your accessory work

Vivi Kutter programms a lot of accessory work for my lower belly and that whole muscle group in that area. It didn’t take her long to figure that out. She watched a couple of muscle-up and other videos of mine and knew it. Indeed it’s a big weakness of mine but it’s the first time that my programming focuses on that in the accessory part, so I’m really excited about that, since I know it will get me forward with my lifting but also gymnastics. You guys should never skip accessory work because it can improve all other movements in the workouts for you.

Constant Feedback of your coach

Vivi weekly sends me my programming that suits my goals, my strengths and my weaknesses. I have to make notes of each exercise and keep her updated of my metcon scores, lifting numbers and all other feedback such as time management and what felt great and what didn’t. That way she can always change something in the programming.

Furthermore, I also like to film a lot what I’m doing in the gym and show it to her. That way she can give me advice as well. For instance, I showed her my butterfly pull-ups and my swings of the ring muscle up. She instantly called me and told me to not do these movements anymore, before we haven’t had a 1-1 session. Haha I thought it was super funny and I also loved it. So she seriously traveled all the way to Dusseldorf a week later, so she could help me with both of those movements. You’ll see the „before and after“ of my swings in the video.

Photocredits: The picture below Eric Wittkopf


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    Schöner Artikel! Accessory Work ist sooo wichtig und häufig der Schlüssel zum Erfolg. Wir wünschen dir viel Erfolg mit dem Trainingsplan und sind gespannt auf den Bericht über die Ergebnisse;-)

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    die Outfits sind absolut umwerfend! Love your style!

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