Fitness: Never skip a proper warm-up and stretching session


Since April 2015 I train a couple times a week. For a while it was about 5 times a week but my new coach decreased it to 4 times a week, since I got a new job which takes a lot of energy. Especially now I realise how important it is to recover as much as possible between the training sessions in order to keep performing at your best and stay injury free. We tend to underestimate how essential the right amount of sleep, proper nutrition, an adapted warm-up and a good stretching session is. I feel a big difference with my training, when I get too little sleep or skip stretches.

For instance, I hadn’t failed a strict ring muscle-up in half a year and could even perform consecutive ones but almost two weeks ago I didn’t even come close to it. Due to a couple of events that I had to prepare and attend for work I only got 2 to 4 hours of sleep for some nights that week and my body instantly showed me that it can’t keep up with all of it. Since then I’ve taken way more care of my body though and my training goes well again.


In the pictures you’ll see my favorit stretching exercises that I try to do every time I am at the gym in order to give my hips, my lower back, my legs and shoulders a treat. I like to warm up my shoulders by doing some push-ups but I also stretch them with an elastic band. For my lower back, hips, glutes and legs I do the stretches below and also use the foam roller. At the very beginning back in 2015, I simply skipped it and also didn’t give my body enough time to recover. I just didn’t realise how important it was, so I got too many injuries, especially in both of my shoulders. Besides the right warm-up, stretching and sleep, you should watch that you drink enough every day and that you eat a proper amount of fats, carbs and protein. The Zone Diet for instance recommends 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fats per meal which seems to work for a lot of people. It helps your muscles to recover as fast as possible and doesn’t leave you behind with crazy muscle ache.


The outfit I’m wearing in the pictures as well as the foam roller I got via Fashiola and is from MyProtein. Fashiola is a German online-shop and blog at the same time which is pretty cool, since it has some beautiful inspiration for fashion. At MyProtein itself I you can also order some supplements. Fish oil, vitamin D and magnesium can give your body an extra boost to recover faster, by the way. It is totally legal and nothing to worry about. There is also creatine which can have a great effect on your strength, which is legal as well, but I haven’t tried it yet.





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