Your blog is more than a stylediary


I have one of those days again. One of those days, on which I don’t quite get some things and also question my own acting and life itself. One of those things is the influence you have as a blogger. Our blogs are more than just a stylediary or cookbook thesedays. A couple of us have been fighting for being a voice that is heard. It is time that we see its full potential and start using it.

The greater your reach, the more you can effect as a blogger. Let’s take DariaDaria for instance. She started out as a fashion blogger like 80 % of us but nowadays fights for sustainability on a daily basis. She has actually changed something and got people to rethink their lifestyle. Obviously it was a pretty smart move of her as well, since that was her way to set herself apart from the competition. However, it only works so well for her, because she really believes in it.

Then there is someone like Jana from Bekleidet who now and then talks about topics that usually don’t belong on a typical fashion or lifestyle blog either. Topics that are political for instance, like her post “Make America great again“.

Is there anything you want to fight for or lost sight of?


There are so many possibilities in life, but still we often just settle and stick to our daily routine and habits like a machine, to choose the easy way. The easy way that ends up being less exciting, less fulfilling in the long term. Why do we do this? Because there is someone that tells us not to believe that change is possible or that there are things that simply don’t happen? I mean, fuck it! Take a moment and remember your dreams, remember what expectations you have of life and what’s important to you.

Plan a trip to a place you want to see. Talk about a topic that is important to you without the fear of being rejected. Plan a charity, if you want to do something good or re-design your blog and bring it back to life. Do something that scares you but your intuition is convinced of. And let people know in order to inspire them!

You might have already guessed so – this is what I want to achieve. I want to live my dreams and experience things. I want to take risks and not be “dead” with 30. We lose sight of dreams and expectations and strong feelings too easily. I’m working on a bucket list for the next 12 months and going to show it to you very soon. My first trip all by myself is aready settled.



Einmal Hamburger, immer Hamburger :-) Auch wenn ich immer mal wieder für eine Weile im Ausland verschwinde, führt mein Herz mich doch immer wieder zurück in meine deutsche HafenCity. Von hier aus blogge ich über Mode, das Leben und CrossFit.

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