As an athlete at Berlin Throwdown in Germany


In April 2015 I started with my training or – to be more specific – with CrossFit. Since then I’ve taken part in quite some qualifiers in the Netherlands (where I used to live until October 2016). In the Netherlands they treat most qualifiers like events that are close to a box competition in a friendly and supporting atmosphere. I hadn’t done an official competition before February 2017, though. For the very first time I got to experience a real competition as an athlete at the Kenpoken Hangover Challenge in Hanover in February. It was a lot of fun to be part of the CrossFit community and to compete on the field. I felt plenty of support, even if things didn’t go as hoped.

After that I participated in Spartan Games in Neu Isenburg, Berlin Throwdown and Battle of Rostock – all events in Germany where I currently live. I’m going to share my experiences with all 3 events here on my blog, starting today with Berlin Throwdown. There are so many CrossFit competitions in Germany which makes it pretty hard to choose the right ones for yourself. When I just came to Germany, I instantly knew that the two biggest comps as German and Berlin Throwdown have a high priority for me. It’s my goal to participate there as an individual one day. This year I’ve chosen to compete as a team in order to gain some first experiences. In Berlin I had a lot of fun with my teambuddy, Hester Hengeveld, as CF U1 Booty and the Beast.



Qualifier workouts of Berlin Throwdown: This is how it works!

The qualification for teams is quite uncomplicated. For me and my friend, the conditions were pretty perfect, as all three workouts did not have to be done together. She lives in the Netherlands and I live in Germany. The period of qualification lasted for three weeks. Each week a workout was presented, which we had to perform, film and submit within a week. In order to submit our total score, both of our scores had to be put together and both videos were added to a playlist on Youtube by us, so you had one score and one Youtube link in the end. Unfortunately, this wasn‘t explained anywhere.

The workouts for the teams consists of two different workouts each of the three weeks. Partner A does the workout that also the individuals must do and Partner B gets a modified version with the same movements. You are allowed to choose who is Partner A and who is Partner B.


Athlete registration in Berlin

I found the athlete registration little bit weird. The event took place on Saturday and the athlete registration on Friday. There you got your team/athlete number with a permanent marker on your arm, a little goodie bag and the large sign with the team name which we had to bring again on Saturday. Here we thought it would have been way handier, if we received the sign only on Saturday, so we didn’t have to carry it back and forth through the city.



Berlin Throwdown at Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn-Sportpark

The location is very large and fits great to such an event. The athletes could relax and recover in the changing rooms and there was a closed warm-up area as well. Furthermore, it was great that all athletes received free FOS drinks, lunch by Fittaste and refreshing coconut water (I don’t remember the brand).

The only thing that I didn’t like so much about the location was the large grid that separated the athletes on the field from the audience/supporters. It made the atmosphere suffer a bit.

The athletes briefing began right in time before the first heat of workout 1 started. All in all I want to praise the great timing of the whole day. They managed to stick to the time table.

The teams had to complete 6 workouts in a day, which was quite a lot and exhausting (Duuuh!). I believe it’s more common to have 3 to 4 events per day.

The workouts itselves were fun and a good mix of bodyweight exercises, weightlifting and endurance. The movements that demanded the greatest skills were the ring muscle-ups as well as the handstand walk.



I found the organisation of Berlin Throwdown really great compared to other competitions. The photographers delivered awesome pictures. And for me personally, it was just great to stand between these elite athletes. I felt really proud of me and my buddy, Hester. I can hardly wait to try my luck as an individual in 2018.

Photo credits: Chris Jäger, Drive by Shot, Lars Wieters, Tom Ullrich


Einmal Hamburger, immer Hamburger :-) Auch wenn ich immer mal wieder für eine Weile im Ausland verschwinde, führt mein Herz mich doch immer wieder zurück in meine deutsche HafenCity. Von hier aus blogge ich über Mode, das Leben und CrossFit.

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    Amely Rose

    Wow, da kannst du wirklich stolz auf dich sein, dass du ein Teil davon warst.
    Ich kann mir vorstellen, wie aufregend das gewesen sein musst.
    Und die Bilder sind wirklich toll, ihr hattet echt gute Fotografen gehabt!

    schau gerne auf meinem BLOG vorbei und auf INSTAGRAM

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